Degree in foreign languages and foreign literatures Sapienza University of Rome

– Master in Communication – University of Toronto

– Acting courses directed by Gigi Proietti

– Sharoff Academy

– Actor Studio – Susan Stransberg, New York

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, French, Spanish, Portoghese


Elena Bonelli – Modern Day Muse of the Italian Musical Traditions

Cultural icon of the traditional songs of Rome, singer-actress Elena Bonelli has dedicated herself to move this genre from the sheer “stornelli” type of music to the powerful dimensions of the great orchestras.

Even before her graduation in Foreign Languages and Cultures at the University La Sapienza in Rome, Elena felt that the stage – where words and music come together to create emotion – was her mission. Therefore she formed her first theater company in Rome, but the American dream pulsed so strongly inside her young heart and, after having cut her teeth at the Theatre Workshop directed by the actor Gigi Proietti, she attended the Sharoff Academy courses and Susan Strasberg at the Actors Studio in New York.

Bonelli’s acting career really started with the well known TV directors Enzo Trapani and Antonello Falqui in 1982 and a year later came her on stage debut with theater director, composer, conductor and musicologist Roberto De Simone, the undisputed “Maestro” of Neapolitan ethno-classical Music.

The experience with De Simone deeply marked her destiny and Elena’s statement became: “Theater above all”. In her mind, the theatrical dimension adds a great educational and interactive potential to the natural message of Music.

Thus, no audience can avoid the impact of each character interpreted by Elena Bonelli on stage. And acting and singing are magically connected… even when she speaks in the third person as a narrator who tells a never-ending story of human tragedies along with the carnival of life.

“Liza” is her first original musical inspired by the idea of a new theatrical form with the influence of the American Dream. Following a 12 year period of travels and acclaimed performances around the world until 2009, Bonelli decided to fully devote herself to a new exciting project, the movie “South of New York” a teen rampage pop comedy.

“La Douce France of Juliette Greco” in 1996 combines music and theater to their purest imaginable form. Bonelli envisions the historical and biographical type of theater, bringing on stage the feeling of the “caves of Paris” by singing the “chansons” of the muse of the French existentialism.

Back to the roots of Rome in 2005, in a partnership with Carlo Lizzani, Sergio Bardotti and Pippo Caruso, Elena Bonelli gives birth to “Rome in the World” a project exclusively aimed to revive the spirit of the Roman songs, in Italy as in everywhere. For the very first time the traditional music of the Eternal City enters temples such as Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Theatre, Cankarjev Dom, and hundreds of opera houses worldwide. Performed in the most prestigious international theaters “Rome in the world” soon became a brand, thanks to the versatile voice of Elena that in unison with the new orchestral structure, gave to “Made in Rome” songs with the high quality of “Made in Italy” music.

To celebrate the unforgettable personalities of Gabriella Ferri and Anna Magnani, in “Elena, Nannarella and Gabriella” the artist brings the Roman songs to depart from their poor “tavern” quality in favor of a new stylish language destined to cross the Italian borders.

Rome is a universal heritage and Elena Bonelli represents it’s soul and melody.

From the peak of the recognition as “official voice” of the Mameli Anthem, by acknowledgment of the former President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, and as godmother of many international official events, including the opening of the World Cup in Korea, the opening ceremony of Expo Yeosu (South Korea) in 2012, and the ceremony at the United Nations Millennium in New York, each live concert of Elena Bonelli’s is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to any avid lover of truly good Music.

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