Elena Bonelli in Talkoncert

by Elena Bonelli

Elena Bonelli returns to the Luiss Guido Carli International University, after the Lectio Magistralis “Dallo Stornello al Rap” of the 1st of October, with the unreleased “Talkoncert”, on October 20th, at 08.30 p.m., to support  the Antea Onlus. A wonderful evening, called “Canto di vita – Tra Roma e Napoli…vi racconto” (A Song for Life– Between Rome and Naples…I tell you…), through which the artist presents a new, unreleased show, completely renewed  in style and content; all its proceeds are destinated to ANTEA that takes care of the advanced oncological patients for which Elena Bonelli also strives since a long time now.

During her Talkoncert Elena Bonelli sings, telling the stories of Roman and Naples songs, from their beginning, the thirteenth  century, until today, through their developments and comparisons, with the modern Rap. This musical journey, composed by a rich and wonderful historical international repertoire, will be characterized by life monologues and true stories, gorgeously  interpreted by the artist, renowned all over the world for her passion and vivid interpretations.

Elena Bonelli continues, through the Roman song that she personally introduced in many music temples worldwide,  to connect  music, culture and solidarity.

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Elena BonelliElena Bonelli in Talkoncert