Lectio Magistralis – LUISS

by Elena Bonelli

Elena Bonelli, the international actress and singer that spread the Roman song all over the world through an elegant symphonic form, meets the students of the LUISS University, to conduct the lecture “Dallo stornello al Rap: the comparison between the Roman and Naples song”.

The goal is to clarify the subtle path that joins and also divides two main Italian dialectal musical genres, the Roman and the Naples one, both interesting and sensitive but, anyway, the Naples song become the symbol of the Italian vitality and poetry whereas there was another destiny for the Roman song, unfortunately only destined to its city.

Through her excursus Mrs. Bonelli deals with their birth and their divergent path and evolution, until the arrival of the contemporary rap, always conveying  to the new generations its strong cultural, artistic and social message.

Elena BonelliLectio Magistralis – LUISS