“My name is Elena Bonelli. To me, being an artist means to embrace an ideal and to have a dream. While I thank life and nature to have made me able to express myself through singing and acting, my dream has always been to see the Italian culture spread all over the This is why I have been working so long to promote the image of Italy through popular music, and to base it on a solid point of reference, the traditional songs of To fulfill this dream I decided to create the concert “ROME IS MUSIC AL”.

In order to revitalize the songs of this genre I had to perform them in a totally new style. The key was finding how to execute expanding from the simple combos of the past to the very complex orchestras of today. In the hands of versatile maestros like Pippo Caruso, Enrique Barrios and Kim Byung-soo, accompanied by the finest musicians, these songs and melodies are given new life. Elegantly assembled in the greatness of symphonies, the Roman songs are truly entering the great temples of classical music.

“ROME IS MUSIC AL” may also be seen as an extremely charming and engaging way to live the Rome experience – experiencing the magic of the Eternal City – through the enchanting images projected on stage during the show.The Roman songs, despite representing a musical expression of great depth and natural beauty, over the years has remained obscured by the more famous Neapolitan songs, and has never crossed the borders of Italy. In the encores of my show, people always want to hear the most famous songs of the Neapolitan tradition and I sing them with all my fervor and passion. However, let me say that with “ROME IS MUSIC AL” the songs of my city are becoming as immortal as the most famous Neapolitan songs. The streets, the spirit and the tales of two cities, and the oneness of our beautiful Country.Pure “entertainment”, it is true, but added with culture, history and life. Most of all, with love and that I am ready to share it with you.”

Elena Bonelli

… and this is my project

THIS PROJECT RE-PROPOSE ROMAN TRADITIONAL SONGS, FOR TOO LONG FORGOTTEN, BRINGING THEM BACK TO THE TOP, IN A SYMPHONY LOOK, ABLE TO ENTER THE SACRED WORLD MUSIC TEMPLES: FROM THE OPERA THEATRE IN ROME TO THE CARNEGIE HALL IN NEW YORK, FROM THE AUDITORIUM PARCO DELLA MUSICA TO THE LINCOLN THEATRE IN MIAMI, FROM THE TEATRO SISTINA TO TEATRO ARGENTINA … This project, signed Bonelli, lends, to roman songs, a new, elegant, refined look, thanks to 60 orchestrals directed by one of the most important names in Italy an abroad. Arrangements by Master Pippo Caruso, artistic direction by Sergio Bardotti and direction by Carlo Lizzani.The project wins a great success and relaunches roman songs in Italy and abroad, spreading them and making them acquainting the orchestras and national Master that in each Country accompanied her. Sold out everywhere it won world parterre love. This roman songs relaunch project includes:

“Roma” movie with Elena Bonelli, directed by Carlo Lizzani

“Tanto pe’ cantà, Canzoni Romane” cd with Elena Bonelli, Rome ad Lazio Symphony Orchestra directed by Master Pippo Caruso. Released and distributed by Rai Trade and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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