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A few years ago I launched “Roma in the World”, a project that brought the traditional songs of Rome to the magnitude of a symphonic concert. Thus, creating the elegance and the perfect sound of an orchestral recital, conducted by extraordinary Maestros in the most famous world auditoriums and classical music halls.
My long time dream to translate the music of the Eternal City in a completely new language able to reach an international status, became a reality in 2004. Among a few of the Roman songs that were transformed to other international tunes were “Chitarra Romana” newly guised in a melancholy Portuguese song, “Sinnò me moro” as a passionate Andalusian song, “Vecchia Roma” as a lavish chanson Parisienne, and “Roma nun fa la stupida” a swing from a Broadway musical. In addition, the breathtaking image of Rome was intensified by the evocative video scenarios created by director Carlo Lizzani and the orchestral arrangements of conductor Pippo Caruso.

Costumes designed by Graziella Pera.
Choreography by Franco Miseria.
Art project by Sergio Bardotti.
I II III IV editions directed by Carlo Lizzani.
V edition directed by Gino Landi.

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Roma Celebrates Napoli – Songs from Italy

I created “Roma Celebrates Napoli” for the 2012 International Expo of Yeosu. An extraordinary concert, executed by the South Korean Busan Metropolitan Pops Orchestra, directed by Maestro Kim Byung-soo in front of an enchanted and loving full crowd, I recall this performance as one of my favorite of all time. An event that, according to the organizers of the Yeosu EXPO, remains unprecedented in terms of success and public response. With “Roma Celebrates Napoli” the intention was to establish a bridge between the Roman and Neapolitan songs. I’ve studied and deeply taken to heart their melodic differences, and more. Since Napoli has always been considered historically more important, I felt that the audience had to be taken on a journey through the Capitoline melodies and sounds of the Neapolitan tradition altogether. It was my hope and my dream, to find the chords between a “bel canto” style, using beautiful songs and strong emotions. See the video shot during the concert in Korea and you’ll be the judge if I really hit the mark!

See the video

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Juliette-locandinaLa Douce France by Juliette Gréco

In “La Douce France by Juliette Gréco” to interpret her as a woman, a singer and actress, I have taken a well-rounded approach to the great Juliette Gréco. Needless to say, it was necessary to focus her complex story in the right direction, towards the historical and cultural life of post-war France and the French Existentialism movement. Of the Gréco repertoire, I have chosen 16 of the most extraordinary songs written by the great French poets. This has created a journey back in time to the caves and nightclubs of Paris, along with the magical voices of Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Leo Ferré, and Serge Gainsbourg. The critics were unanimously positive and the people loved this show.

The first edition was directed by Mario Moretti.

The second edition was directed by Claudio Boccaccini.

The third edition was directed by Gianni Borgna

Additional info in the Press release.

Other details about the full project in the poster.

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