2014 8 March: She performed in a Music Gala at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.2014 26 February: She performed in Nicosia invited by Italian Embassy in Cyprus.

2013 30 November: Lamborghini Testimonial at Italian Exellence Grand Gala in Abu Dhabi

2013 12/14 October: New York Columbus Day, Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria, in front of the most relevant American personalities and on the 5th Ave. “Red Carpet”and live on CBS.

2013 27/28 September: “Roma is Music” at Teatro Salone Margherita in Rome.

2012 18 December: “Elena, Nannarella e Gabriella – Roma celebra Napoli” at Teatro Ghione.

2012 28 September: Teatro Olompico in Rome, Patroness at the XXII Roman Song Festival

2012 27 July: Elena Bonelli represented Italy at the YOSU EXPO 2012 (South Korea).

2012 28/29 April: Dubuts, in two exclusive nights, of the performance “ELENA NANNARELLA E GABRIELLA, ROMA CELEBRA NAPOLI”

2012 21 April: On the occasion of celebrations for the 2765th Rome Birthday, Elena Bonelli sang in front of 50.000 romans.

2012 18 February: Morocco Rabat National Theatre “Mohammed V” where Elena Bonelli performed with te Moroccan singer Ferdaous. Cover girl for “HOLA MAROC”

from 2008 to 2011: She was committed to her debut film, a nice music comedy, “South of New York”, world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

2009 02 June: Georgia- Tblisi Opera Theatre “Roma in The world”.

2009 25/26 May: “Rome in the world” at Teatro Eliseo

2009 21 April: “Rome in the word” in Piazza del Capidoglio on the occasion of the 2762th Rome Birthday

2008 October: Performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York with “Rome in the world”.

Performed at Columbus Day Parade in New York on the 5th Avenue. Live CBS.

“Rome in the world” at Lincoln Theatre in Miami.

“Rome in the world” at the Luanda National Theatre.

2008 September: “Rome in the world” Side Roman Theatre (Turkey)

2008 May: “Rome in the world” at Salone Margherita.

2008 March:  “Rome in the world” at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome

2005 November: Miami International Award to unique talents and personalities, that together with Elena Bonelli, represent Italy abroad.

2004 November: “Rome in the World” Tegucigalpa in Honduras at Manuel Bonilla National Teatre. Representing Italy in front to the Honduras Governement performing the concert “Napoli Mediterranea after the italian and honduran Anthem execution. Due to its political relevance, this event was mentioned as example in the Foreign Commission and Italian Senate documents.

She perfumed in Panama City for the Panama Republic centenary, representing Italy.

2004 October: Elena Bonelli performed whit the Finance Police band during the New York Columbus Day, at the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria in New York, in front of the most relevant American personalities and on the 5th Ave. “Red Carpet” ann live on CBS.

2003 October: Christmas in Kabul for the ISAF peace contingent guided by Italy with her concert “Napoli Mediterranea”. It is the first time that an Italian performs in a war theatre.

2003 October: New York Columbus Day, Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria, in front of the most relevant American personalities and on the 5th Ave. “Red Carpet”and live on CBS.

2002 July: Elena Bonelli sang the Italian National Anthem during the Ambassador an Consuls Assembly in front of the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

2002 June: on the 2nd of june during the Italian Republic Celebrations, in collaboration with “Corriere della Sera” more than one million an half copies of the Mameli Anthem CD are distributed.

During the World Cup Matches, Elena Bonelli, was the most representative of Italianity in the world, is invited by F.I.F.A. to sing the Mameli Anthem during Italy- Korea match in front of 2 billions people.

2002 February: Cibali Stadium (Catania) during Italy-USA match. On that occasion, before the match, the Carabinieri Band and Elena Bonelli performed the American and Italian official Anthems, in front of 30.000 people.

2001 June: elena Bonelli is required by the Malaysia Prime Minister with her concert “Napoli Mediterranea”

2001 January: Conception, scriptwriting and interpretation of the film “Napoli Na’!”, produced by Show Service, Foreign Minister, Campania Region, Naples and Benevento Province. Foreign Minister distributed more than 3000 film copies to all italian Association

2000 March: invited by the Francophone Countries Organization, Elena Bonelli performed French songs at the UN theatre during the Francophone day.

2000 September: She represented Italy with her concert “Napoli Mediterranea” at the UN Theatre in New York, during the Millennium Assembly opening.

1998 November: She inaugurates from Pristina in Kosovo, Radio West program, Italian contingent radio station, bestowed by Rai and Corriere Della Sera. For the First time live radio programs, both Kosovo and Italy, on RADIO DUE.

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