Elena Bonelli

Her versatile talent

The theatre is her home, “a holy being”. Elena, from a young age, attends the Gigi Proietti Theatre Lab and, then, the Sharoff Academy and the Susan Strasberg courses to the Actors Studio in New York. In 1983, she met Roberto de Simone that introduces her to the audience and she becomes famous, being the protagonist of La Lucilla Costanta, that ordains her as one of the best actors of theatre. After her debut in tv with directors as Enzo Trapani, Antonello Falqui and the participation on The Octopus 6, Elena Bonelli works on popular fictions as Pride (Rai Uno) and Vivere (Canale 5). Her passion for theatre and song is so intensive to embodies lots of feminine icons (Liza Minelli Juliette Gréco, Anna Magnani, Gabriella Ferri). Many directors worked with her, as De Simone, Cobelli, Borgna, Landi, Lizzani, Squarzina but, when she mets for the first time Patrick Rossi Gastaldi in 2015, he directs the first edition of the show “Elena Bonelli performs Brecht” and Marco Mattolini is the director of the second edition to the Angelo Theatre of Rome, with a great success of audience and critics.

Elena Bonelli Attrice

Elena BonelliThe Actress