Elena Bonelli

Writing at first.

Elena Bonelli has always wrote her works: scripts, theatrical and radio shows. She has worked sometimes with authors and directors and, in other cases, she was completely independent. Her passion for linguistics, applied to the popular song history, mixed with her narrative talent, give her the path to become one of the main Roman and Naples song specialist. She attends lots of lectures about this topic into the best renowned universities in Italy and abroad, using the Talkconcert formula. The real parallelism between the contemporary rappers and the ancient stornello singers is the concept of “Dallo stornello al Rap”, through which protest and criticism are displayed. A great opportunity for young singers and songwriters to become famous Italian artists (someone of them have also participated to the Sanremo Festival).

Autrice Elena Bonelli

The movie

“South of New York”

Elena Bonelli is the director and actress of the movie “South of New York” (2011). A brilliant comedy dealing with the desire to realize a project, without age limits. It has a young and pop style, including its colorful scenic designs and costumes, irony is the inner key to talk about life in a positive way, with music as main protagonist. The MiBACT acknowledged it as debut film of cultural interest, it participates to the Rome, Berlin and Cannes Festivals. The movie won the Platinum Reel to the Nevada Film Festival and it was awarded for the best adapted screenplay to the Gold Elephant World; it’s the world premiere to Los Angeles Film Festival, a blockbuster to the Jecheon International Film & Music Fest. It was introduced to the Broad Humor Film Festival, La Femme Film Festival, Women’s International Film and Art Fest, Female Eye Film Festival, Madrid International Film Festival, Globo D’oro and David di Donatello. It received wonderful press and audience critics.


italian and international radio

A huge experience in radio characterized by her qualitative contents. She wrote for lots of cult radio programs for Radio Rai, as Walking together (Strada Facendo), It’s midnight in Radio Due (La mezzanotte di Radio Due), Two A.M. (Due di Notte), The Mistery Night (La Notte dei Misteri), Words and Music (Parole e Musica), Italians abroad (Italiani all’ Estero), Radio Dramas (Radiodrammi); she met lots of interesting people and protagonists. Her wonderful voice and the natural empathy are the perfect mix for the audience. Author of scripts and Theatrical works. She writes and hosts in Radio Rai for twenty years.

Screenwriter author, Theatrical Works:

Elena, Nannarella e Gabriella Roma Celebra Napoli regia di Maria Teresa Elena
A Sud di New York regia di Elena Bonelli
Tanto pè Cantà regia di Carlo Lizzani
Napoli – New York Andata e Ritorno regia di Enrico Maria Lamanna
Napoli Nà regia di Gigi Oliviero
La Douce France di Juliette Gréco
I edizione regia di Mario Moretti
II edizione regia di Claudio Boccaccini
III edizione regia di Gianni Borgna
Giulia, Una Notte Straordinaria regia di Giacomo Zito
Arlecchino Traditor Perseguitato

For 20 years wrote and conduced for Radio Rai:

Strada Facendo
La mezzanotte di Radio Due
Due di Notte
Italiani DOC Italiani in, Italiani out
Fratelli d’Italia Italiani all’Estero
La Notte dei Misteri
Radio West, stazione radio del contingente della KFOR in Kosovo
Eccezionalmente Estate
Parole e Musica
Via Asiago Tenda
Canta Italia
Elena BonelliThe Author