Elena Bonelli

The voice of the artist

A powerful voice, a great stage presence, due to her passionate love for the traditional Italian music that makes Elena Bonelli one of the most important artist of the popular singer author song, particularly the Roman one, of which she is the true heir in Italy and abroad.

Anyway Mrs. Bonelli is an artist that wants to discover, to reinvent, to perform, in an original and sophisticated way, the best music masterpieces without never betray their more inner and authentic inspiration. Lots of styles and different music territories are expressed through her wonderful theatre-song genre.

Elena Bonelli Cantante


  • Inno di Mameli
  • Tanto pe’ cantà – Remix (feat. White Puzzle)
  • A Sud di New York – Original Soundtrack
  • Roma in the world – Live
  • Tanto pè Cantà – Canzoni Romane
  • Napoli. Nà!
  • La Douce France di Juliette Gréco

CDs published and distributed by Rai TRADE, Nar, Warner Chappell

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in the World

In 2005, with Carlo Lizzani, Sergio Bardotti and Pippo Caruso, was born “Rome in the world”, a show created to promote the Roman song in Italy and worldwide.  The Carnegie Hall of New York, the Lincoln Theatre of Miami, the Opera Theatre of Tbilisi, the Cankariev Dom Theatre of Lubiana, the Roman Theatre of Side in Antalia. For the first time ever the Roman song enters in the most famous Theatre in Rome, the Opera Theatre, and also in the Auditorium Parco della Musica, to the Sistina and Eliseo Theatres. These are only few theatres were this wonderful project took place.  An incredible success. Elena, accompanied by the best international symphonic orchestras, did the rounds of the most prestigious stages in the world, introducing an elegant version of the Roman song, purified to some naïf tones,  to pay the attention to authentic music masterpieces.

The Mameli’s


Approved as Ambassador of the Italian excellence in the world, Mrs Bonelli gives new birth to the Mameli’s Hymn. At the beginning of the years 2000 she proposed to the President of the Italian Republic, Mrs. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, to reintroduce the national Mameli’s Hymn in Italy and worldwide. She was honoured with the title of Official Voice by the President and,  in 2002, it was distributed by the Corriere della Sera an official cd containing seven different versions of the Hymn, with Elena as solo artist accompanied by  the Carabinieri Band.
More than 1,500,00 copies were distributed as proof of her great success.


and the feminine myths

Elena Bonelli is able to embody a role and to feel it completely, performing it in a pure and concrete way, making it so real to become very far from a  parody.
Starting from “Liza. The inexhaustible desire of being”, a musical about Liza Minelli and other icons as Gabriella Ferri, Anna Magnani and Juliette Gréco; all of them had a powerful artistic dimension expressed through her performances. In “La Douce France of Juliette Gréco” Mrs. Bonelli needs to face the difficult role of Mrs Gréco, starting from her figure of woman, singer and actress of the France Post-War, through a cultural facade of the Paris existentialism with the songs of Brel , Aznavour, Ferré, Gainsbourg. All these shows were a great success, so elegant and captivating to receive the approval of the audience and critics.

Elena BonelliThe Singer