Elena Bonelli

The rebirth of the Roman song

The Voice of Rome and the story of the Roman song from stornello to rap.

Elena Bonelli is considered  the Voice of Rome. A title won on the field when, 15 years ago, thanks to the friendship of Carlo Lizzani, the Master Pippo Caruso and the artistic direction of Sergio Bardotti, they give birth to the new project ROME IN THE WORLD, to rediscover the traditional Roman song in lots of cities around the world.

In 2002, Elena proposes the Roman song again, after Mrs. Gabriella Ferri’s death, bringing it back to the top, giving a symphonic, elegant and polished garment, it was ready to be introduced  in the world music holy temples: the Opera Theatre of Rome and lots of other cities, the Carnegie Hall of New York, the Auditorium Parco della Musica,  the Lincoln Theatre of Miami, the Sistina and  Argentina Theatres, the Turkish Roman Theatres  and lots of other beautiful places too.

The project was a great success, promoting the Roman song abroad, that becomes famous for the orchestras, the international conductors, the young and foreign audience too.

Today the Roman song flourishes again, thanks to the artist’s passionate work, also proved by the 68th edition of the Sanremo Festival, with the Luca Barbarossa’s song “Passame er sale” (Pass me the salt) and Mirkoeilcane, to Sanremo Young 2018 that, after the contest, is awarded many times.

The Project Rome in the World:

  • 2002 “Tanto pe‘ cantà, Roman Songs” a cd with Elena Bonelli and the Symphonic Orchestra of Rome and Lazio, conducted by Master Pippo Caruso. Edited and distributed by RAI TRADE.
  • 2003 “ROMA” the movie with Elena Bonelli, directed by Carlo Lizzani.
  • 2005 Worlwide tournées.

Until now Elena Bonelli is the only artist that continuously promotes the Roman song through lots of initiatives, among which “Dallo Stornello al Rap”, her last project that was born 5 years ago, to bring young people closer to the Roman song.

The project is divided in:

  • LECTIO IN CONCERT, that introduces the music into the lecture.
  • DALLO STORNELLO AL RAP MUSIC DOCUFILM, sponsored by the Regione Lazio and Nuovo Imaie
  • THE BOOK “Dallo Stornello al Rap – The history of the Roman song from the beginning to these days.”
  • THE  CONTEST for young songwriters (now it is the 4th edition).
    THE FINAL OF THE CONTEST to the Auditorium Parco della Musica where the songwriters are awarded and appreciated by the audience.

The big idea: find the origins of the contemporary rap into the ancient stornello, two brothers, probably twins.  They seem so far but, instead, they are so close.

Elena BonelliThe Voice of Rome