Yesterday, the 1st  October 2014, for the first time ever, the Roman Song was presented  as subject of study to the university.

The LUISS Guido Carli International University invited Elena Bonelli to introduce, in the prestigious Columns Hall, the lecture “Dallo Stornello al Rap” – The comparison between the Roman an Naples song”.

Ten centuries of history, described in ninety minutes by the actress and singer, they passed like a movie in front of the eyes of a heterogeneous public, the LUISS students, with historical and artistic lovers and young rappers, of course.

A clear and pleasant class. From the origins of the popular Roman song that, even if wonderful and of high artistic quality, as the Naples song, never arise as “noble genre” nor spread outside the city, it was not interesting for intellectuals and critics, even today.

From the thirteenth to the nineteenth  century and beyond, these songs spread across trattorias, alleys and popular parties; all these wonderful and eternal artistic melodies that, unfortunately,  never become  famous as the Naples songs, even if they have always been very appreciated all over the world, through the project “Rome in the World”, created by Elena Bonelli with the collaboration of Carlo Lizzani, Sergio Bardotti and Pippo Caruso.

A polite but even a sharp challenge, that the artist promotes to the LUISS in order to remind the huge tradition, forgotten for centuries, of the traditional Roman song, marginalized and banished, considered a marginal genre, without never understanding its true inner strength. Mrs Bonelli has also invited some important Roman rappers, as Tommaso Zanello (his nickname, “Piotta”), that she involved during the last part of the Lectio Magistralis.

The project of the Roman song revaluation and its next “Talkoncert”, introduced on October 20th at 08.30 the LUISS, has been done to support the Antea Association that takes care of terminal  illness. The evening concert “A Song for Life – Between Rome and Naples…I tell you…” will be a lecture in show, completely renewed both in form and content, whose proceeds will be destined for the charitable cause that Mrs. Bonelli really loves, striving for it since a very long time.

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