“Unplugged” is the synonym of acoustic live performance, sponsored by the America tv network MTV twenty years ago that becomes very popular all around the world.

A new formula enlarged in “The Manucci meeting”, a series of unplugged concerts, hosted by Stefano Mannucci, that gathered on the stage of the Vittoria Theatre of Rome eight special Italian voices: there are two renowned stars among them, Elena Bonelli and Mariella Nava, with six young finalists of “The Voice 2014”, Giacomo Voli, Daria Biancardi, Gianna Chillà, Andrea Manchiero, Stefano Corona and Gianmarco Dottori.

The show, that started with Elena Bonelli’s wonderful performance of “La Valse à Mille Temps” of Jacques Brel, ended with the gorgeous “Belladonna”, interpreted by Elena Bonelli, Marcella Nava, the pianist Luca Perroni and the guitarist Giandomenico Anellino. The proof that it’s possible to sing in a unfiltered and immediate way, without tecno- electronic deviousness.

This confirms the extraordinary quality of our song that, even through different singers and styles, conveys its message for the Italian and foreign audience.

From the versatile language of Mrs. Bonelli, admired worldwide, to the intimate and biting Nava’s poetry, from the rocker Giacomo Voli to the feline vocalists, Soul and Rock Blues lovers, Daria Biancardi and Gianna Chillà, with their traveling companions, Manchiero, Corona and Dottori, that love to explore new ways of songs through their exquisite technique.

Three magic hours for the audience of the Vittoria Theatre, to support the cause of the scientific Onlus “Together for the PCDH19 research”, as explained by Professor Federico Vigevan, Neuroscience Department Director to the Bambino Gesù Hospital.

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