The concert, on January 5 at 5.00 P.M. in Amatrice, has been organized by Elena Bonelli, an extraordinary upholder of the Roman Song in the world, with her young artists of the talent “Dallo Stornello al Rap”, an initiative dedicated to the victims of the earthquake on August 24th.

The Mayor Sergio Pirozzi really appreciates the artist, the last heir of the Roman song that truly wants to support again the population, deeply involved in the eartquake. On October 17th, to the  Olympic Theatre in Rome, during the Roman Song Gran Gala and the Final of her renowned talent, a huge amount of funds have been gathered for the middle Italy inhabitants.

“I’m so happy to know that the Mayor choose me for this project, I really appreciate him, because he wants to create a great event for his citizens. Through our project, history, music and Roman films we are able to contribute, giving a smile and a new opportunity to rebuild their lives.”

During the concert, lots of the Roman artist’s videos, all realized by the famous Director M. Carlo Lizzani, will be show. Furthermore, Mrs. Bonelli, a renowned artist that performed in the most famous theatres worldwide,  is able to move her public, giving wonderful sensations, not only through her gorgeous performances, but also thanks to the best literature passages and the Roman traditional songs.

During the solidarity event there will be lots of artists launched by Mrs. Elena Bonelli, like: the Lontano da Qui group (winners of the last “Dallo Stornello al Rap” edition), Overside, Stefano Natale and Rasmo, accompanied by JSnow and Detoxx.

Each one of them will dedicate fours songs for the citizens of the small city located in the Rieti province.