On the last 19th of April to the Tor Vergata University of Rome, the Roman song Lectio Magistralis was a subject of attention for the University, for the Director of Leggo, M. Alvaro Moretti and for the journalist in the field, M. Fabrizio Zampa.
A lesson about the Romanity, both for adults and students. There were not only professors, like the Professor of Popular music, Mrs. Serena Facci, the Professor of Italian literature, Mr.s Florinda Nardi, the Professor of Cultural Anthropology, M. Piero Vereni and the Professor of History and Cinema critics, M.Fabrizio Natalini but also the finalists and winners of the first edition of the contest Dallo Stornello al Rap: Emilio Stella, Cranio Randagio, Edoardo Basile, Stefano Natale, Gabriele Colicchio and Christian Grignani.
The Lectio, held by Elena Bonelli, heir of the Roman song in Italy and worldwide, has highlighted the strong relationship between the ancient stornello and the contemporary rap, both strictly connected, due to theirs common features like, for example, the struggle to protest against the social institutions, the street tales, the musical battle, the modern rappers and the old the stornellatori (the stornello singers). The artist also introduced to the public of young students the second edition of the contest, giving all the members of the 2016 jury: Flaminio Maphia, Federica Gentile, Claudia Gerini, Marco Giusti, Max Giusti, Simona Izzo, Stefano Jurgens, Valerio Mastandrea, Alvaro Moretti, Neri Parenti, Pinuccio Pirazzoli, Ricky Tognazzi, Fabrizio Zampa lead by Antonello Venditti.
On Thursday 21st of April the show will be perform againg to Quirinetta, with Elena Bonelli, Fabrizio Zampa and Rosaria Renna, the RDS famous radio speaker: they will introduce the finalists and the winners of the first edition that will perform in a short concert after the conference.