A wonderful success for Elena Bonelli, the unique heir of the Roman song to the Olympic Theatre of Rome, for the Gran Gala, during the Final of the Talent “Dallo Stornello al Rap”; it introduces her as a versatile artist, a singer, accompanied by 30 elements of the Nova Amadeus symphonic orchestra, an actress and, in particular, a great host.
Half-lights in the crowded theatre, everything is ready for the second edition of the contest, thanks to the Conductor Stefano Sovrani that conducts a Respighian version of “Quanto sei bella Roma”. Elena Bonelli, in a long red dress, is accompanied by a group of dancers that belong to the E.Sperimenti G.D.O. Dance Company, that makes the theatre spectacularly bigger; she is able to engage, from the very first moment, the huge public through her innate charm, singing the Roman songs arranged by the great Conductor, M. Pippo Caruso, that arranges them into an elegant symphonic way, moving all the theatre. Furthermore, she introduces the 12 talented finalists: the Lontano da qui Group, Zionecci, Rasmo, Francesco Bolognesi, Gabriele Colicchio, Christian Grignani, Simone Gamberi, Mirkoeilcane, Stefano Natale, Overside, Treccani, Leonardo Zaccaria and lots of songs during the second edition of the contest, full of suspense and twists.
The shows goes on, Elena Bonelli moves the public, singing the best Roman songs, accompanied by Polo Gatti’s virtuosities with his guitar and by all wonderful pictures based on the movie, realized with the excellent Director Carlo Lizzani. At the end of the contest the President of the jury, M. Antonello Venditti, , finally pronounces the three finalists’ names: the first place for the Lontano da qui Group, with the song “La barbona” (the homeless woman), the second place for Zionecci, directly from “Dallo Stronello al Rap” and the third place for Rasmo, with “Cenere” (Cinder). Lots of people are in the theatre: Neri Parenti, Pinuccio Pirazzoli, Flaminio Maphia, Alvaro Moretti, Barbara Bouchet, Maurizio Battista, Gino Landi, Renato Balestra, Dario Salvatori, Gerardo Di Lella, Emilio Stella and Cranio Randagio (winners of the previous edition), the Ambassadors of Pakistan Nadem Riyaz, Marocco, Hassan Abouyob, Egypt, Amir Kamal Helmy, the Ambassador of the Holy See, Daniele Mancini and her wife, all clapping to celebrate the wonderful show, appreciated by four generations at least, in ecstasy for the young artists’ positive energy, kindly appreciated by their godmother, Mrs. Elena Bonelli.
At the end of the show there was an unexpected surprise, an uncontrollable Giorgio Onorato, even hard to manage off stage for Mrs. Bonelli too.
The President of the Minerva Award, Mrs. Olga Mammoliti Severi and the President of the European Personality Award give to Mrs. Bonelli the European Personality Award 2016.
The show ends, thanking the event sponsors, Mediolanum, Parmalat, Autoroyal Company, Engel&Volkers, Leggo, Nuovo Imaie, APA and the Regione Lazio: all of them gave the opportunity to make possible this wonderful event.