Due to the celebration of the 2769° Christmas in Rome, Elena Bonelli, the Roman song ambassador in the world, creator and promoter of the musical contest Dallo Stornello al Rap, will perform, on Thursday 21st of April at 06.30 P.M. to Quirinetta, her wonderful Conference in Concert.

Artists, journalists, and special guests will attend the event, among which Rosaria Renna, the famous RDS radio voice and tv host, Fabrizio Zampa, a renowned Italian music critic. During the evening Elena Bonelli will perform on stage with the finalists of the last edition: Emilio Stella, Cranio Randagio, Edoardo Basile, Giuliano Crupi, Stefano Natale, Gabriele Colicchio and Christian Grignani. At the end of the concert there will be a buffet.

“The contest was born to give the opportunity to the new generations to discover the popular song and its cultural and musical origins: it’s an investment in young people, a gift for Rome, to don’t forget, giving value to the huge historical heritage of the Roman traditional popular music”, Mrs. Bonelli says, engaged from a very long time into the “Rome in the World” project, in order to promote the Roman song in the world.

The jury, lead by Antonello Venditti, is composed by lots of renowned Italian artists that will choose only three winners, shortlisted among twelve participants. The Final, held to the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, will be the stage for famous music interpreters too, that will perform for their wonderful public, for an extraordinary and exciting concert.

Thursady 21st of April, 06.30 P.M.
Location: Quirinetta, Via Marco Minghetti, 5

Artistic Director Elena Bonelli
Press Office Madia Mauro
Organizational Secretary Lorenzo Orlandini
Info: 06 37500363 – 347 0492505 – email: m.mauro@arteitalianelmondo.it