Elena Bonelli, the famous heir and official Voice of Rome in the world, tries to approach a more demanding and dramatic role in theatre, performing a show in homage to the playwright Bertolt Brecht.

She performs an original interpretation, through new food for thoughts, giving to the show an easier and lighter insight, even pleasant for an unfamiliar public.

Its lucky debut to the Todi Festival 2015, with a crowded public that really appreciated and clapped, for a long time, the new vitalizing interpretation of Brecht; Elena is a true versatile artist, able to interpret bizarre characters, always in a precarious equilibrium between amusement, melancholy and sweetness, a continuous rush of emotions.

Mrs. Bonelli, accompanied on the piano by Cinzia Gangarella, masterfully interprets Brecht and Kurt Weill’s pieces: from La ballade, conveying actual themes, as the power of money and the sexual slavery; from the popular mother gooses, dealing with the disadvantages of the elderly and the pensions in the Alabama song, a new life and emigration dream; Jacob Apfelbock, that underlines the familiar crimes; Marie Sanders, focalized on the racial hatred; Mackie Messer, that leads us to reflect on the serial killer figure; the scullery maid Jenny of pirates, with her powerful deliriums that change the world; Surabaja Johnny and prostitution.

Elena Bonelli, endowed with her voice, gives a wonderful interpretation of Brecht, so original and unexpected, full of actual themes. Mrs. Bonelli interpretation of Brecht, linear and pure without any props, becomes a social consideration, an anthropological journey through which stories and testimonies marked the history of the world, where money and power have a painful contemporary relationship and the humanity is collapsing due to the upcoming risk to live the past again.